The Genesis of Araba Homemade

Araba's homemade is all about homestyle food, using fresh and quality ingredients made in the sort of way that you would bake/ make it yourself - wholesome and hearty.

The founder, Araba started expressing her love for great food growing up in a home known for good cooking from two west African cultures – Ghana and Nigeria. Food was central to family life and was a means of bringing together extended family and friends.

Araba’s journey started by mulling over cookbooks and food magazines. Before long she was trying out her knowledge in her parents kitchen. While working as an estate surveyor she would make food to sell outside working hours. However in 1997 she decided to pursue her passion and Araba’s homemade was born.
Over the years the business has grown to include a bakery in yaba and a cafe in Victoria Island, both locations in Lagos, Nigeria

Araba’s homemade has stayed true to Araba’s dream for others to be able to access and experience homestyle, handmade food.
The recipes are mostly classics with the founder’s translations and twists which are a combination of her style and experiences.

At our bakery we offer o full range of baked treats, breads,pastries, desserts cupcakes,layer cakes,pies and cheesecakes.

The cafe serves breakfast, Sandwiches, salads,burgers and homestyle meals.
There’s also a party order service that provides a range of tasty treats from cocktail sandwiches to canapés to desserts and includes our product range.

Our promise
“Araba’s homemade will continue to make premium quality food that you would love to have.

we want our customers to remember that our bottom line will always be wholesome and heartyfood!”